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Top Online Stores for Vinyl Record Lovers

Each person has his or her own music taste as well as some kinds of popular singers. That’s the reason why selecting vinyl records is one of the most exciting but challenging work when you feel like listening to music. In fact, shopping for vinyl records is even tougher since we don’t know some factors to buy a good one, not only in appearance but also in sound quality. It requires lots of personal experiences.

The best way to find some high – end vinyl records is going with your expert friends we call “music geeks”. However, not many people have time to wander at weekend just to buy some records. Therefore, we need to find out some trustworthy online stores that are specialized in buying and selling vinyl records so as to make our shopping more relaxing with just some mouse clicks.

Vinyl collection

So let’s grab a good record player and try to build up your vinyl collection online with these top sites for vinyl records!

This is one of the most popular ones throughout the markets for vinyl record lovers because of its diversity in records, genres, and merchandises. In Insound, you can find almost anything from old, used records to newly manufactured ones, from hats, T – shirts to souvenirs with images of famous singers. It has almost anything you are interested in.

The average price is quite normal and acceptable with just around $20. Sometimes if you are lucky, getting high – end record at a surprisingly cheap price like $12.99 or $10.49. They offer so many flash sales to keep customers staying in their store.

When searching for any records in Insound, don’t forget to visit Daily Discount to see if you can enlarge your vinyl collection with just a couple of dollars.

If you are the one who likes randomly picked vinyl or want to make a profit from your records, this is the place just for you with more than 2 million records on sale. Discogs is considered one of the most famous vinyl markets for music geeks. You might feel really confusing when logging in for the first time because of the number of records on this site. Actually, you can make use of the filters to find your interests easily since they are arranged neatly.

Buying records online

Or else you want to sell some of your out – dated records to make way for some more? No problem, all you need is upload the cover of the records on Discogs, anyone who thinks that record is interesting will contact you right away. Moreover, you just need to pay 8% of the price for Discogs and that’s all.

This site is a community which is built by vinyl lovers to meet the demands of a market where sellers and buyers can be as comfortable as possible. However, the record’s quality must be checked carefully because it is not guaranteed when making deals. That’s the risk of an online market that you have to know about.

At the first look, Reckless might be a little bit tricky to people who are new to vinyl records since they don’t have many images as well as album covers. But the more you use it, the more you like it. The information of the album is informed in detail so that everyone can understand and choose the right one very easily.

In fact, Reckless is specialized in selling old and used records so they really care about two things: the price and the quality. In addition, with just $6 shipping fee, you won’t have to leave your bed on Saturday just to look for some records. It can be done completely with just a cheap price and quick shipping from

Moreover, the forum of Reckless is one of the best because of the information about vinyl albums, editions and other experiences in choosing and storing the collection you can find here. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you to sign up for this site and join this huge community of vinyl record lovers before going further.

Vinyl Loop

As you can see, there are more and more online stores about record players and vinyl collections. They might be good, but with very high price, or else they can’t be the one you are looking for. Luckily there is a place where you can buy a good quality record with just $15. Yes, it is true and I’m talking about the Vinyl Loop – one of the best low – priced retailers in vinyl records and devices. You can build your own vinyl collection with just $15 each, no more costs or additional fees.

Record stores

How can this be real? It is because of the fact that this site is administrated and built by music lovers for music lovers. They do it completely free so you don’t have to worry that your cost for a vinyl record might be increased because of other services.

There is an only disadvantage about this site is that if you are not a quick person in buying stuff online, you might lose your chance in buying a good one because the number of record for an album is limited. It can be 100, 50 or even 30. That’s the reason why you have to notice about any changes and new releases before someone comes and takes it from you.

There are so many good vinyl record online stores on the Internet, but you don’t have to know all of them. Nobody can remember such a list like that. The thing is you should make some shopping from these recommendations and see which one is the best for you, and then you will have a good source of vinyl records without having to scan all the local vinyl stores and sometimes come back home with nothing. In fact, try to enhance your ability to know different types of record and adjust the right quality before buying anything not only to save your money but also keep your collection flawless.

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